Girls College Rebuild

We are expanding our Girls College in Bhera

$280,000 is needed for essential improvements

Alhamdulillah every year over 1,000 girls  join our free educational program.  During the 6 year programme we provide a full boarding facility that caters for all of their needs.  Every day they receive three nutritional meals and have access to a study area, medical facility and more.

However, over the last 10 years we have seen how the facilities can no longer meet the needs of all of our students.  The outdated facilities are too small and we are struggling to met the growing demands from our female students.  This September we began to expand our Girls College in Bhera.  This essential work will provide a great boost to the educational needs of female students from across Pakistan and help them to get the education they deserve.

How will this project make a difference?

The expanded facilities will mean we can provide over 1,000 female students with a

Technology Lab

a fully equipped lab that will accommodate over 40 students at a time.

Medical Room

This new facility with a female doctor and nurse will give our students a safe, private medical facility on site.

Parent Meeting Room

Children will be able to welcome their parents and spend quality time with them during their visits to the school.

Teacher’s Living Room

The current living facilities for teachers are small and poor quality.  A new space will allow give them privacy and better facilities.

Lecture Theatre

This room will mean we can hold group lectures, organise events to celebrate student success, hold lectures by special guests and much more.

Reception Area and Guest Room

Security is our first priority at the school.  This new reception will mean mean visitors have a space to register and wait for students.

Islam and the importance of female education

A great role model for the education of women is Aisha, the mother of the believers. She was one of the greatest scholars of Islam among the early Muslims. The learned companions of the Prophet would go to her for answers and advice.

In fact, there is a long Islamic tradition to educate women and this is mainly because they are the future mothers who pass on the learnings to children. The tarbiyah a child receives from the mother in the formative year affects the child for the rest of their lives.

The Prophet would teach his daughters about Islam and the attributes of Allah.

Abdul Hameed reported: His mother served some of the daughters of the Prophet and she told him the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, would teach his daughter.

With better educated mothers, we can ensure a better ummah.

Support our work

We’ve always championed girls’ education in Pakistan, which is why we have a dedicated programme that supports girls at our schools.

Many of our female graduates go on to become academics, some set up their own schools, and others come back to work for us as headteachers at our institutes.

We’re making a real difference to girls across Pakistan, but it’s only with your continued support that we’ll be able to give them the high-quality education they need.

Join us and support us our work by improving our Girls College or sponsoring a female student for $35.

A former student: Kosar Maqbool

“I belong to a middle class family and lost my father when I was just 14 years old. My mother struggled to give me primary and secondary education but could not afford to send me to a college. I wanted to study to stand on my feet to support my mother and ease her pain but time was too difficult and I lost my hope. However, today I am a successful teacher and support my family because the help I received from ZUF Institution (DMG Bhera Girls College).

There are thousands of girls out there who has similar story to mine but ZUF can only help handful girls unless they expand.

Today, the institution needs your support, so they can help more girls like me and support them to stand on their feet. If I was not able to attend the institution, I would be uneducated and suffering in poverty, but DMG has given me feet to stand on and helped me to live my life as a good daughter, sister, wife and mother.

I pray for success of ZUF for their hard work and sincere support they provide to children around Pakistan.”